Events 2016


  • Time: Monday, 28th of January 2016
  • Location: The Place Aparthotel, Manchester



The DEFORM User Group Meeting is a free one-day event for all active DEFORM users who want to learn about the current and future developments of the software and discuss current and future needs in a casual setting.

MTEX Workshop 2016




The aim of this workshops is to provide an easy start for MTEX beginners and to bring together MTEX users to share their ideas and to inform about recent developments in MTEX. The workshop will be divided into four parts:

  • A simple introduction to MTEX
  • Recent developments in MTEX
  • Talks by the participants about specific problems that have been or could be handled with MTEX


David Mainprice
(Universite Montpellier, France)
Working with the 5 parameter model (misorientation & plane) of grain boundaries: overview & preliminary results on Ice
Rüdiger Kilian
(Universität Basel, Switzerland)
David Mercier
(Max-Plank-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, Germany)
Characterization and modeling of the interplay between grain boundaries and heterogeneous plasticity in cp alpha-Ti and near alpha-Ti alloy.

UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting

  • Time: 26-28 July 2016
  • Location
    : Scarman House, Warwick Conference Centre




The UK neutron and muon science and user meeting is an opportunity to hear about the latest science from ISIS and ILL, plus updates from facilities and other matters of interest to facility users. This year’s meeting will be similar in format to that held last year. It will include a student day, a day dedicated to neutron and muon science in key areas and a user meeting including facility updates.

European Microscopy Congress 2016

  • Time: 28 August to 2nd Septmber 2016
  • Location: Lyon Convention Center, France



EMC2016 gathered around 2500 visitors from 51 countries all over the World. Along with an international and multidisciplinary high quality conference, EMC2016 hosted Europe’s largest exhibition dedicated to microscopy. The congress also offered a large number of training and scientific activities underlining the dynamism of French and European research. Lyon 2016 was for sure a milestone in the series of EMC Conferences.

British Science Festival Swansea

  • Time: 6th to 9th Septmber 2016
  • Location: Swansea various



Celebrate the best of British science

Expand your horizons with four days of free events, talks and performances from across the scientific spectrum.

Join leading academics to discover, discuss and debate the latest ideas and innovations set to change our future.

The core Festival features a daytime and evening programme – you can browse by day, theme, subject or speaker on our What’s on page – and is immediately followed by a Family Weekend, especially for children and families.

Hysteresis, Avalanches and Interfaces in Solid Phase Transformations

  • Time: 19th to 21st Septmber 2016
  • Location: Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford



In recent years there has been significant progress in the experimental and theoretical understanding of solid phase transformations, as exemplified by the recent systematic search for and discovery of ultra-low hysteresis alloys that can be thermally cycled millions of times with negligible damage. In these materials and others,  the transformation involves interfaces between the high temperature austenite phase and complex microstructures of the low temperature martensitic phase. The formation of such microstructures is accompanied by avalanches of acoustic emissions. Compatibility of the parent and product phases is both a crucial element in understanding these phenomena, and leads to deep unsolved mathematical questions.

The objective of the conference is to further advance the constructive interplay between theory and experiment on these topics, bringing together both leading experts and early career researchers.

The European Atom Probe Tomography Workshop 2016

  • Time: 20th to 23rd Septmber 2016
  • Location: St Catherine’s College, Oxford


The Oxford Atom Probe Group is pleased to organise the 2016 European APT workshop. Following on from previous workshops in Zurich and Leoben, the main goal of the European APT Workshop is to bring together scientists from across Europe to share current research findings in the field of atom probe tomography. Lectures will be held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford by young scientists and experienced users alike, showcasing their cutting edge research.

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to establish contact with scientific groups from all around Europe and hear about the latest advances in specimen preparation, materials characterisation and data reconstruction.

Detailed information regarding important deadlines, registration and accommodation will be available soon, and updated regularly on this website.

We welcome participation and active discussions on a broad range of topics from APT users all across Europe and beyond and look forward to welcoming you to Oxford in September!